Companies wanting to submit diamonds to RapLab must register their company with RapLab services and fulfill the following criteria:

  • The company provides us with an active and valid business license
  • The company owner is an active member of a diamond or jewelry trade organization
  • Only the diamonds owner or the owners authorized representative must be the one to submit the diamond for grading
  • The company has signed the RapLab client agreement and has received either verbal or written approval from RapLab to send the diamonds in for grading

Note: Registering your company to RapLab is only required once.

You must complete the Client Agreement and Diamond Submission form and send those, along with the diamonds, to one of our RapLab offices listed below, or contact your regional Rapaport office

  • RapLab Mumbai, India – for Indian companies
  • RapLab Ramat Gan, Israel – for International companies

For more details follow the instructions on our Submission Page

The Rapaport Diamond Certificate (RDC®) is a grading report guaranteeing the quality of a diamond.

The RDC will only be issued for premium diamonds meeting Rapaport’s stringent gemological and investment grade standards.  Additionally, all RDC graded diamonds are double tested since they also include an original and independent GIA grading report.  These components enhance market liquidity and guarantee that the diamond is premium and of the finest quality.

Currently, RDC® reports are only issued for GIA graded stones.

The Rapaport Diamond Certificate guarantees the quality of the diamonds with absolute assurance, making it safe and easy to trade online and removing additional time and cost usually expended on physically examining the diamond.  This empowers international buyers to buy investment grade diamonds confidently, easily and directly from suppliers or trade them on Rapaport’s trading platforms.

The Rapaport Diamond Certificate (RDC®) adds value to the finest diamonds by differentiating and branding them as the best.

The diamond must meet the following basic grades:

  • Shape: Round Brilliant
  • Size: 0.50 carat and larger
  • Color: D-H
  • Clarity: IF-VS2
  • RapSpec A1 or A2 Specifications
  • An accompanying GIA grading report issued within the past two years

Please see the full specifications here.

The RapLab Diamond Grading Report (RGR™) provides a fine quality print report, and a complete online report with high level imaging and video.  The RGR™ includes a full range of detailed gemological information including: BGM, Color Shade, Eye Clean, Type and Location of Inclusion, plus Video and Photo Imaging. All reports are fully digitalized and can easily be uploaded to RapNet® with a special “RapNet Verified” designation on the diamond listing. The RGR™ gives you all the information you need to trade the diamond over the internet, sight unseen. Click here to read more.

Note: This service is only available for round, white, untreated diamonds, size 0.15ct and up.

The RapLab Consultation Card (RCC) provides essential diamond grading information, for fast evaluation of your diamond, below the cost of a standard grading report. This grading service provides the basic information you need to buy and sell quickly and easily. The card includes the following features:

  • Shape, Size, Color, Clarity, and Fluorescence
  • Sarine’s estimation of Cut and Symmetry
  • Eye Clean, and BGM
  • Natural Diamond Verification
  • For an additional fee, the following services can be included with the RCC:
    • Laser inscription
    • High quality image
    • V360 HD video
  • RapNet Verified – get a mark on your listed diamonds and stand out on RapNet.

Note: This service is only available for round, white, untreated diamonds, size 0.15ct and up.

A Picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to diamonds and jewelry.

RapLab® provides clients with the finest quality electronic images and videos of diamonds, suitable for sharing online. The images can be uploaded to the client’s website or RapNet and populate retail websites belonging to RapNet Instant Inventory subscribers.

High definition magnification of select areas of the diamond enables buyers to digitally examine the diamond, thus improving the online diamond trading experience and optimizing selling power.

Every image is stored on RapLab’s servers. Once uploaded to either RapNet and and/ client’s websites, special authentication ensures that the diamond image presented online cannot be retouched.

The certification process usually takes approximately 3 to 6 business days. This does not include shipping time

Currently the Rapaport reports (RDC®, RGR ™, and RCC) are issued only for white, round brilliant shaped diamonds.  We plan on offering you reports for these diamonds in the near future.

The RDC®, RGR™ and RCC are bought and sold internationally and across all trading markets. They are included on RapNet and other Rapaport’s Diamond Trading Platforms.